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Tree of Knowledge
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Tree of Knowledge is a psycho-educational services provider serving students in Florida, New Jersey, and Ohio. We specialize in assessment and psycho-educational services for students with special needs, learning challenges, physical disabilities, or students at risk.

Who We Are

We specialize in creating programs tailored to each individual student and their learning style, and partner with school districts to deliver our psycho-educational services in schools, homes, and in hospitals.
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What We Do

Tree of Knowledge is recognized as a premier provider of psycho-educational services for students with a variety of academic, social-emotional and medical needs, in school, home, and hospital settings.
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How We Work Together

Tree of Knowledge works in tandem with boards of education, administrators, educators, and therapists in Florida, New Jersey and Ohio, to create educational plans that help each student succeed.
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Lives Impacted
Academic Success Rate
Pre-Intervention Assessments
Approved For Servicing
Partnering With Us
Licensed Professionals
Working Daily With Our Students


  • Having Tree of Knowledge as part of our school has really enhanced our ability to educate our students and help them reach their full potential.
    Talmud Torah Zecher Yochanan

  • The Title-I, Comp Ed Math, reading and writing, speech and language, and social skills programs from Tree of Knowledge are all top rated and highly acclaimed by both teachers and parents.
    Cheder B’nei Torah D’Lakewood

  • We are extremely pleased with Tree of Knowledge’s level of commitment to our school and to attend to the unique needs of each individual student.
    Yeshiva Masoras Avos

  • Tree of Knowledge is an exceptional educational organization.
    TTTYY of Lakewood

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