Federal Funding

Tree of Knowledge is proud to provide federally-funded services through the following programs:

Title I

Title I Programs ensure that children with disabilities and/or economic disadvantages receive an equitable education. This can include special education instruction, supplemental education, therapies, remedial services, and other related services, all in line with the child’s IEP.

Title II

Title II Programs improve the quality of educators and administrators to ensure students’ academic success. These funds are directed toward professional development, recruitment and hiring of highly qualified staff, and addressing other issues concerning qualified staffing.

Title III

Title III funds are used to support staffing and programs for language instruction, especially English as a Second Language.

Title IV

Funding from the Student Support and Academic Enrichment program enables schools to improve learning conditions and offer a well-rounded education that includes increased use of technology, with the goal of higher academic achievement and digital literacy.

Emergency Assistance To Non-Public Schools (EANS)

Since 2021, this relief program has provided assistance to Non-Public schools facing hardship as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and supports the education of children from low-income households. EANS funds allow us to provide special education instruction, remedial services, counseling and other services.

IDEA IN-CLASS Support Program

According to the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), a student can receive supplementary aids and services if stated in their IEP. This can include regular education classes and other education-related classes, and in both academic and nonacademic settings. These services might look like accommodations and modifications to instruction, curriculum, and testing; direct services and support to the child (such as paraprofessional staffing); support and training for staff who work with that child; and other services.

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