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Tree of Knowledge is proud to be a federally- and state-funded provider through the FL Board of Education, offering a wide range of services to students across the state. Services include assessments and testing, to therapy, instruction and tutoring.
Funding provided by the state of Florida directly supports our efforts to provide psycho-educational services to children with a variety of needs.
We are grateful to the FL Board of Education for recognizing the value of our work. Their support is a vital component of our students’ success.

Learning Academy

Our Learning Academy is a Miami based accredited school program for grades K-12 that supports students with academic, social, physical, behavioral, and emotional challenges. Utilizing the comprehensive services offered by Tree of Knowledge, the learning academy is designed to accommodate each student’s educational plan and augment it with vocational and life skills training, social-emotional learning, and college prep.
All Teachers have one of the following qualifications-
• A bachelor's degree of higher in any subject
• 3 or more years of K-12 teaching experience
• Special Skills, Knowledge or expertise that qualifies them to provide K-12 instruction

Standards of EthicsReporting Professionals Misconduct

Available Throughout All Tree of Knowledge Locations

Our Services

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Federal Funding

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Tree of Knowledge Is An Approved Florida Provider For The Following Services

AdvancED Accreditation

Tree of Knowledge holds AdvancED Accreditation due to our high standards and research-based instruction. This grants us additional support from the FL Department of Education.

Family Empowerment Scholarship For Students With Unique Abilities

(FES-UA, FORMERLY GARDINER): Tree of Knowledge supports students who are recipients of the FES-UA, which allows parents to direct funding toward a combination of programs and approved providers. These include schools, therapists, specialists, curriculum, and technology.

MCKAY Scholarship
(Part Of FES-UA As Of July 2022):

Tree of Knowledge supports families who are recipients of The McKay Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities, which enables students to attend a participating private school.

Step Up Provider

Tree of Knowledge is a provider approved by Step Up for Students, a state-approved nonprofit scholarship that assists parents in finding the most appropriate educational setting for their children.

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