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Why Tree Of Knowledge

Tree of Knowledge partners with boards of education across the country to provide educational services for students with special needs, learning challenges, physical disabilities, or students at risk. We specialize in creating programs tailored to each individual student and their learning style, and partner with school districts to deliver our psycho-educational services in schools, homes, and in hospitals.
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The Power To Learn

Every child learns differently. With the right support, each one can be successful. At Tree of Knowledge, we empower children of all abilities to learn in their way and discover their own potential. In partnership with schools and school districts, we design service plans that support the whole child, their needs, and their learning style. We maintain a high standard of excellence defined by quality of staff, ease for students and families, curriculum with a proven track record, parent involvement, monthly reports, cost effectiveness, and methodology that is friendly to students and teachers.
Our goal is for children to get excited about learning, to take ownership of their education, and to become students for life.
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Measuring Success

Tree of Knowledge has a variety of tools to help students succeed, including a custom database system that allows instructors and administrators to track progress, enter notes, record attendance, and communicate with each other. As students learn in a variety of settings, this web-based system can be accessed remotely. By working together on one platform, service providers have a streamlined system to support them as the student approaches - and exceeds - their goals.

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